Tuesday, November 25, 2008

return from hiatus

Scorplings have turned into fat and round little cylinders. Whenever I put a cricket into the tank, Demeter just grabs it and she usually crushes the head. The scorplings then swarm all over it. A few of them even run off with a whole leg in their mouths. I've even seen gluttons who cart off two-pedipalp fulls of cricket legs or guts.

They've all gotten off Demeter's back but a few occasionally climb back onto her. Some even lurk under her belly and follow her wherever she goes. But when everybody's sleeping most of them huddle up together in a ball of limbs and cute squooshy bodies.

However I've noticed that one of the scorplings isn't eating at all. Even when I put in an extra cricket and nudge the scorpling towards it, it doesn't show any interest in eating whereas the others will immediately pounce on it even before Demeter has let go of the cricket. It still looks like how it did right after the first moult. The others have turned into various shades of grey and black and are really really fat and cute and oh so squishy :P

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