Monday, November 10, 2008

Last night Demeter finally got around to eating that cricket I've been trying to feed her since the day before. As she was munching, one of the babies walked right over her head and helped itself to some cricket guts. When I was videotaping it she jerked and the scorpling swung off her head, hung upside down from there and continued eating -_- (it was later joined by another)

I also discovered a dead scorpling still latched onto the Mama Express. It was being cannibalised(sp??) Well, one less corpse I have to deal with. Which brings the death toll to 3:
1st - was eaten by mama dearest. (accidentally?!)
2nd - I have no idea. It probably fell off and died, but I can't comprehend how it could have died from falling from such a height, so it probably died then fell off. But it still remains a mystery.
3rd - could have died while moulting. Was cannibalised. 2 of the scorplings were so close together as they were eating that they look like they were having a snog fest.

Later I saw that Demeter had some cricket butt leftover which she chucked aside. About 3 scorplings were munching on it. They didn't finish it though.

This morning I saw that 3 scorplings (probably the ones that were eating the cricket) weren't on Mama's back but they took refuge under her.

I'm lazy to upload pics and vids. Will do so eventually. Now I must study. I hate history TT^TT

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