Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The camera's acting up, so no pics and vids for now.

The scorplings are growing up so fast... TT^TT On Tuesday Demeter caught a cricket and chucked it aside. They swarmed all over it and this morning I could see a leg here, another leg there, a few parts over there and a scorpling valiantly trying to eat a wing. When I came home from school this evening the wing was abandoned.

I'm out of crickets. So the babies' will have to wait till I get somemore tommorow. They've all left Demeter's back and most of them are, for some weird reason, clinging onto the flower pot shelter upside down. They're so... clingy! (pun)

Some of the shedded skins are stuck onto her back like chewing gum on your shirt.

EDIT: one of them just got back on her.

EDIT2: Yay videos!

The scorpling's hanging from Mama's head

I had to hold the camera vertically to get a shot at them without getting nipped, so you'll have to tilt your head to the right because left is down and right is up. Look at them spiderscorps hanging upside down XD

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